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Carpet Cleaning Guide for Beginners Do you have no experience in carpet cleaning? You just found your greatest help. There are a lot of articles and videos showing different methods of cleaning the carpet. The following will walk you through on proper carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is not all about stains. Carpet should be cleaned even before the stain. A weekly cleaning is appropriate more so on the parts where there are heavy traffic. Dust and dirt often build up on the carpet so using a vacuum is a good cleaning procedure. It can keep your carpet in great condition for a very long time. Dirt particles will not accumulate on the fibers keeping it in great condition. By not cleaning the carpet, you allow the germs and disease carrying bacteria to infest on the carpet making it unhealthy to look at. You will not miss a spot if you clean the carpet part by part. Baking soda can help neutralize the odor on the carpet. For a thorough cleaning, be patient when vacuuming the carpet. Vacuum each area at least a couple of times. There are several kinds of carpets which require a specific cleaning method. There are silk, cotton, plant fibers as well as wood materials for carpets. Bleach is not suitable for wood carpet and need heat during cleaning.
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You do not have to stick on the traditional water moisture for carpet cleaning. The market offers a variety of carpet cleaning products. You have to make sure that the bacteria, dirt and stains are completely removed when cleaning the carpet.
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A lot of people are using hot water extraction technique to clean their carpets. Unfortunately, this is not the best carpet cleaning method according to experts. This is usually done by using heat to suspend dust particles. The cleaning agent can then help remove these particles. The carpet is then dried through heat or fan. Aside from wet cleaning, you can also use dry cleaning. You do not have to use water and just chemicals for carpet cleaning. It is finished by a vacuum to remove the particles and chemicals from the carpet. For efficient cleaning, it is recommended to hire a professional cleaner. There is a risk of damaging the carpet if you do not use stain cleaners or odor removal products properly. Applying soil retardants are also frequent for both new and newly cleaned carpets. You need to learn the right technique and use proper equipment when applying soil retardants. It is not advisable to rub the stained part as it could stick on the carpet permanently. The fibers of the carpet are also damaged with such procedure. It is hard to remove the stain without the right cleaning method. Some people find the stain to reappear after cleaning. You can press a thick cloth on the stain for several hours to thoroughly clean it.