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Why Hiring A Utility Locator, GPR Or A Concrete X-ray Scanner Is Important It is not the right choice to destroy the concrete the moment you realize that it has a problem that you want to attend to. This is because you can learn about the problem without necessary demolishing your concrete. Some of the alternatives that you can use is the X-ray scanner or the ground penetrating radar. In both cases you will realize that depending on the needs you have, each has its own advantages. You can decide for example to use the X-ray scanner to map the post tension cables or rebar on the ground. If you use the scanner, evacuating the population around is important because the rays are harmful. The people doing the job should also wear protective gears. The other method that you can use which is more healthy, more immediate and efficient is the ground penetrating radar. The GPR will help you detect tension cables and other things in the concrete such as the pipeline. The GPR also used in other structures such as towers and bridges if their concrete is not more than 18 inches. Any anomaly that is identified in the concrete or the surface will be easily mapped by the GPR image.
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As mentioned earlier, X-ray scanner has some benefits which make it be preferred more than the GPR system. All the structures are visible in the scan that is produced. This is because with an X-ray you can use the computer in fluoroscopy, radiotherapy and tomography. It is for this reason that people prefer the scanner than the GPR.
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People also determine the price of each system when they want to choose the one to use. The use of the concrete radar will require less amount of money than when you use the scanner. The latest technology allows easy processing and manipulation of images in the radar system. Combining with that it is cheaper than the scanner, many people are going to the radar system. It can be used in all the places except those that are moist. Areas, where you need to cut, drill or do some coring, uses the X-ray scanner rather than the radar system. The use of the scanner system ensures that the project is more clear than when you decide to use the concrete radar. You will see your project in all the angles if some bit of utility location and leak detection are incorporated. You should reconsider those service providers whose equipment have the most recent technology. A lot of professionalism is needed in this field.