Ecommerce Internet Solution For Business

Everyone seems to be hopping on the ecommerce bandwagon and rightly so. The stats show that there is no letting up in ecommerce growth with mobile commerce and Facebook commerce also on the rise. The increase in smartphone and tablet sales will also contribute to the growth in ecommerce.

But when we think of products sold at online stores, what comes to mind are products like books, CD’s, shoes, apparel and downloadable products like MP3s. These are items which we can carry around easily. We never associate ecommerce internet solution for business with stores that sell furniture. And there is a reason for that.

You see, furniture, like living room and dining room sets, are huge and they cost a lot. For items that cost a lot, most buyers would want to have a better look at them before they spend their hard-earned cash on them.

However, many furniture retailers have successfully taken to the internet to expand their businesses. In order to pull this off, they needed the help of a feature rich ecommerce internet solution for business and readily available internet resources.

Save A Bundle With An Ecommerce Solution
Being able to expand a business without having to open more physical outlets means furniture retailers have a chance to sell more without having to fork out more capital outlay. After all, a typical feature-packed ecommerce software subscription costs less than $100 a month. The savings furniture retailers obtain from such ventures can then be passed on to the consumer. It is a win-win situation.

Must-Have Features
For furniture retailers, it is the features contained in ecommerce software that help sell products, combined with very good product images and videos.

One must remember that instead of a huge showroom, one only has computer monitor to display one’s products. But with tools like content slider, product zoom tool, option images and cross sell items available, it makes the task of impressing viewers that much easier.

Being visually impressed is one thing but most potential buyers would have a couple of questions before make a purchase. So aside from the usual phone hotline and email, having a free live chat software feature adds to the convenience of having their queries answered.

Another feature that is bound to excite any retailer is the ecommerce Social Shop app. This app usually comes free with ecommerce software and allows the merchant to promote and sell items on Facebook. This is definitely a big plus point as there are over half a billion Faceboon users.

Other Resources
Once a furniture retailer has got an ecommerce internet solution for business in place, the next thing to do is to leverage on the power video sharing site like YouTube and Dailymotion, image sharing sites like Pinterest and of course social sites like Facebook. All these channels help create brand awareness and drive traffic to both your physical and online store.