Unique Business Marketing Strategies

To be competitive enough, you need to market your business. Since there are many people marketing their businesses, you need to be unique in order to get the attention of many customers. Some of the unique strategies that you can use include:

Renting space

Here you need to find websites of the major players in your industry and ask the owners to rent you advertising space. While many companies will not allow you to do this, there are some that will.

If you are finding it hard to find advertising space on a website, you should try looking for space on Facebook. You should approach a well known person in your industry such as the CEO of a big company and ask him/her to allow you to advertise on his/her Facebook page.

Being allowed to advertise on a Facebook page is synonymous to being given a recommendation which will give your business a great image.

Sponsor a great cause

Over 90% of people say that they have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause that they care about. You should take advantage of this and sponsor a cause that will have an effect on the people you target as your customers.

For example, if the people in your area are struggling with unclean water, you should consider digging a borehole for them.

This will not only give your company a great image, but it will also increase your sales as more people will want to be associated with you.

Be wacky

You need to stop being like everyone else and be unique. For example, you can use humor and slang in your professional blog. When doing this you need to avoid going overboard to the extent of losing customers. Two of the best companies that expertly make use of this are: Betabrand and AppSumo.

Another unique way of marketing is by advertising in unique places. For example, you can advertise in napkins in areas where your target customers frequent. You can also advertise in public restroom mirrors.

Advertising in unique areas will most likely attract the attention of many people and as a result many people will read your advert and get to know of your business.


These are some of the unique business marketing strategies that you can use in promoting your business. As mentioned, you should avoid overdoing it or else you will lose potential customers.