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Is Your Dog Eating Grass?

Though the dogs are known to be carnivores, you will find that at times they eat grass. This sudden behavior may shock you, and you will wonder why the pet is doing this. It is normal for dogs to eat grass but you may not know this as not all the dogs will exhibit this behavior. One thing that the vets have not been able to find a reason for is why the dogs will eat the grass. There is, therefore no reason that is definitive on why the dogs will eat grass

It will not matter if these dogs are feeling fine or if they are unwell, as they will still be seen munching some blades of grass. The dogs today are in no need to hunt so that they survive, and therefore it is speculated that they will munch on the grass as a sign that they lack some nutrients in their diet. For these dogs to overcome the deficiency they have, they will eat the grass. This is why you will find that most of the dog owners in the city will give their pets the grass supplements. You will find that your backyard is ruined when you let your dog do their own business in the backyard.

Another reason that could cause these animals to eat grass is that they have an upset stomach. The vets believe that these pets will also tend to eat any greens to induce vomiting when they are not feeling well. However, studies have shown that only a small percentage of these animals will vomit after they have taken the grass.

You may also find that your dog is munching on the grass is because of the simple reason that they just like it. Eating of grass is not something that all the dogs will do, but most of those that eat the grass will do it because they like it. Taking of the grass will be of no harm to the pet as long as the grass does not have any pesticides. When you are treating the lawn with the pesticides, you need to wait for about two weeks, before the dog can eat the grass again.

The other reason why these animals will eat the grass is that they are bored. If the dog is not getting enough activity and stimulation, they will to eating from the lawn to ease their anxiety. You need to make sure that the dog is getting enough exercise and you need to take time to play with them each day. It will be good if you could also find some toys that could increase the mental and the physical stimulation of your dog.

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