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Wine Tasting Stages

Wine tasting can be exciting if you take your time to understand every bit of it.Your five senses will play a big role in understanding and tasting a glass of wine before swallowing.What is key to right wine tasting is your five senses, which will give you an understanding of the wine.The exciting experience of full wine tasting can be elusive.As you will realize, it is more than sipping and swallowing.You only need to take your time to go through the full process of wine tasting in order to enjoy it the most.

Firstly is by looking at the appearance of the wine.By looking at the wine you will expect to see your favorite properties of color and texture which will make you appreciate and want to taste it further. Different colors are identified with different tastes, and for that reason the color you will see will either motivate you to move to the next stage of tasting.The next step is swirling which will give you time to further examine the color and texture of the beverage.

There is a great experience which comes with taking time to learn the properties of your favorite drink before sipping.Colors for example pale white will give indicate presence of dry and basic fruit and floral contents, unlike with yellow which will suggest presence richer ingredients like oak or spices.Also, the texture of the wine like bubbles and sparkling oil will give basic indication of either high sugar or alcoholic content. In addition, the quality of wine changes with time, therefore the texture will let you to know the taste.

The second phase involves the use of your sense of smell, which will further reveal the expected taste of the wine. Smelling plays a crucial role also, since it gives an assurance that the taste you are about to experience is actually the one your eyes are telling you. Smelling in itself is not the real tasting, rather it prepares for it, as it also gives you a tip on the aromatic class of the beverage. For example nutty and spicy can be associated with old white wine.

Real tasting is the last stage, whereby you will take a sip before swallowing to get a feel of what you had really been anticipatingThis phase prevails over everything else because it involves the use of three senses at a go. It is in the mouth where the drink will produce the highest excitement.The temperature of the wine will also be detected in the mouth as it makes the drink more enjoyable and memorable.

You only need to take time to go through the three phases, to get the full fun which comes with wine tasting.

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